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Character Info
Name: Raven Roth
Series Teen Titans, the TV series
Age: 16
Hair: violet, cut short and on a slant
Eyes: violet
Height: N/A – she’s the second-shortest of the Titans. 5’1 (1.549 m) perhaps? She’s only 16, so probably not done growing yet.
Weight: Looks pretty scrawny to me. I’d say 105 lbs. (47.627 kg) at most, probably less.
Bloodtype: Not given. Probably AB.

Physical Traits: Small, willowy, and delicate-looking with the shapely, decidedly feminine figure so prevalent among female comic book characters. Very pale--her skin is more grey than white. Her voice tends to be quiet, very flat & unimpressed, and a little hoarse (probably from disuse).

What's Okay to Mention: …Just talking in general tends to annoy her. Especially if she’s meditating or reading. Which she almost always is.

What's Not Okay to Mention: How inescapable one’s destiny is, parents, demons, destroying the world...those’ll get you a glare and some silence or sarcasm, but by all means, do bring them up. :] Asking a lot of questions is also unappreciated but would definitely amuse her player :Db.

Notes For the Psychics: …I will most likely die of lulz if a nosy, flippant psychic ever meets up with her. Because regardless of how hard she works to keep things in order, deep down, the inside of her head is a MESS of guilt and raging emotions, but I’m sure she’s got LOADS of mental barriers up, too, so getting at all of her deep, dark secrets won’t just be a walk in the park. She spends HOURS each day meditating, putting her mind in order and controlling her thoughts and emotions, so she’s got some srs mental power. She’s probably semi-immune to mind-reading. Also, since she’s a telepath, too, if you say something into her head, you might get pinged right back. XD
Aaaaand there’s actually an episode where two of the characters go into Raven’s mind.

OOC Info
Crossover CR: Sure!

Canonmate Interactions: Do want^100!

Backtagging: Generally speaking, I will backtag with anything that'll stay still long enough. :3 So yes, as long as you're interested in playing the thread out to the end, so am I.

4th Walling: Don't see why not, unless you are randomly threadjacking and it absolutely ruins the flow of the current thread.

Hugging/Kissing/Nicknaming: Any of these would annoy Raven greatly. So go crazy, kids. ♥ She’ll probably throw up a barrier before you get close, though, unless it’s a surprise attack.

Smut: She's 16, so NOPE, TY.

Maiming/Killing/Death: She’s pretty hard to kill, really, but we see her get beat up in the TV series aaaaaall the time (EVERYONE was CONSTANTLY getting beat up, lol). And fight scenes are great, so I’m open to any and all of these options—just drop me a line and we’ll figure it all out. :]
(However, Raven herself definitely won’t kill anyone unless her demon side takes over.)

Other facts: Don’t go in her room. Really. Trust me.